Cannot invoke "java.util.Map.get(Object)" because "property" is null

Dear Team,

I have a chagelogfile and the changeset looks like below, when I execute it, I get the below error:
Unexpected error running Liquibase: Error parsing changelogs/…yaml

  • Caused by: Cannot invoke “java.util.Map.get(Object)” because “property” is null
    Please guide me.
    I want to pass on a different password for this user during liquibase update command, does anyone know about it?

  - preConditions:  
    - runningAs:  
        username: inquiry-es-migration

  - changeSet:  
      id:  63  
      author:  r.agrawal  
        - createTable:  
            tableName:  awsdms_ddl_audit  
              - column:  
                  name:  c_key  
                  type:  bigserial  
                    primaryKey:  true  
              - column:  
                  name:  c_time  
                  type:  timestamp  
              - column:  
                  name:  c_user  
                  type:  varchar(64)
              - column:  
                  name:  c_txn  
                  type:  varchar(16)
              - column:  
                  name:  c_tag  
                  type:  varchar(24)
              - column:  
                  name:  c_oid  
                  type:  integer
              - column:  
                  name:  c_name  
                  type:  varchar(64)
              - column:  
                  name:  c_schema  
                  type:  varchar(64)
              - column:  
                  name:  c_ddlqry  
                  type:  varchar(64)

There isn’t a way (as far as I know) to provide a different password than the one that is used to invoke Liquibase.