dropConstraint removed in v4.14?

I have a customer with a yaml changelog developed back in 2021 (with no recent changes), and he was using the dropConstraint change type. This changeset began receiving this error after we upgraded to v4.14:

Unknown change type ‘dropConstraint’. Check for spelling or capitalization errors and missing extensions such as liquibase-commercial.

Now I understand that dropconstraint is no longer a valid change type, but there was no reference to this being removed in the release notes in Github, in any release. Can someone tell me when dropConstraint was actually desupported?

What version of Liquibase was previously working with that changetype @daryldoak ? I am looking through the XSDs and don’t see it. I get that it is yaml based but the changetypes should be listed in the XSD.

It was working with v4.12. Their changelogs are entirely yaml.

I checked the 4.12 xsd and did not find dropConstraint.