Equivalent of Ant "update" and "rollbackTag" in ColdFusion

If you have the Liquibase object created, you can call the rollback() and update() methods on that. 

An update call would look something like this:

  1. Nathan

Hi, I’m getting into Liquibase, and am impressed with the cross-DBMS support and ability to finally tie database schemas directly to tags in SVN. 

I currently have an Ant script handling updates and tag based rollbacks.  What I’d like to do is make Liquibase calls directly from ColdFusion.  CF sits atop the JVM and I can load Java classes directly.  I’ve loaded liquibase.Liquibase facade, which I see from the doc is used by the various wrappers.  What I’d like to do is mimic the Ant tasks (could do command line too), loading changelogs for update/rollback using native Java calls.  Does anyone have examples of using Liquibase in this manner?