informix drop first - alter tables wrong syntax

I created track the bug fix



I’ve tried to drop the informix database with the drop first flag (SpringLiquibase) and get the following error:

ALTER TABLE “informix”.“tablename” DROP CONSTRAINT “contraintname”: A syntax error has occurred.

Informix can’t execute the statement cause of the double quotes. I’ve executed the statement by hand without the double quotes and it worked.

Yes, I’ve posted the invalid SQL with the error:

Looking at this, It looks like informix does support double quotes around object names. Do you know the error you were getting? It seems like the SQL would be valid, but I don’t have an informix db to test with off hand.


Thanks for the info. I removed the use of double quotes for informix. 

Your user permissions seem OK, but I made a small change. Does it work now?