Liquibase 4.12 Upgrade --> SQL Parse Error?

Attempting to upgrade from 4.7.1 to 4.12.0
MSSQL 2019 Database
Using XML changelog w/ sqlFile changeset

An SQL file that worked fine under 4.7.1 contains an update statement like this:

update tab1 set col1 ='{"state":"CANCELED","isFinal":true}' where col2 = 'aCertainValue';

now with 4.12.0 it produces the error: Unclosed quotation mark after the character string '{"state":"CANCELED","isFinal":true'.

It appears that Liquibase is getting confused trying to parse the JSON contained within the single quotes.

Any suggestions for what I do next?


Looks like this might be the same problem described and fixed in this pull request:

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We released 4.13 just in the last week. Did updating resolve this for you?


Yes, the 4.13 version resolved the parsing problem. Thanks

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