Liquibase Hold Back Changeset

Hi I’m a beginner with liquibase and i have a question about a specific feature i can find neither in the docs nor in the forums.

Here is my setting:

Local test and programming system
test server
production server
And because a changeset has a unique and incementing number we can not simply comment out all but x changesets,
as this would make liquibase fail…

Is there an option to specify a date somewhere that makes liquibase hold back the changeset until the given date is

Thank you,

There isn’t anything built in to support that directly. You may be able to use changeSet contexts ( and define different contexts for each changeset group you want executed.

With 2.0, it is probably  possible to create a custom changelog parser implementation ( that allows you to add a custom “goodAfter” attribute for changeSets that take a date and is used to determine what changesets to run.