Liquibase to Snowflake DevOps

Hi ,

I’m trying to implement DevOps using Liquibase. file.

When I run “liquibase state” it always gives incorrect username and password though I can login from browser with the same creds.

Error below

Unexpected error running Liquibase: Connection could not be created to jdbc:snowflake://********* with driver net.snowflake.client.jdbc.SnowflakeDriver. Incorrect username or password was specified.

Any ideas!!


driver= net.snowflake.client.jdbc.SnowflakeDriver
url= jdbc:snowflake://**********
username: ******
password: &&&&&&&&&
logLevel: INFO
logFile: liquibase.log
liquibase.changelogSchemaName = CORP_CONFIG

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Hi @Manoj Welcome to the community. There are a few things that you might be able to try.

  1. The url is different from the typed in value in the browser and gets redirected to the real hostname. Us that hostname in your jdbc url in front of the part of the jdbc url.
  2. The password has an invalid character that gets parsed by the command line instead.
  3. the user connecting does not have access to the CORP_CONFIG schema in the database.
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Hi Mike,

This was due to password which is having special chars.

Thanks for the support!!

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