Local time zone and dateexecuted column

We have developers in several different time zones, and so for today’s mystery deployment issue (my new sideline it seems) I’m seeing dateexecuted (in the databasechangelog table) not always increasing with ordereexecuted. For example, today it looks like someone in our UTC+3 team ran an update at 13:00 local time, and then later someone in our UTC-4 team ran an update at 11:00. But without the timezone it’s a little speculative, and confusing (perhaps moreso because I’m used to looking at dates stored in UTC).

It seems like that column would be more useful if it kept UTC time, but maybe there are scenarios i’m not thinking of. Is that possibly a configuration option?


Hi @rsredsail ,

Unfortunately, we don’t track deployments by UTC. The dateexecuted represents the client time. But orderexecuted still represents accurate order of those changes.

@NathanVoxland Do you have any thoughts on this?

Hi @rsredsail What database are you using? Some databases track the time based on where the OS that the database is located and others based on client time.