Maven plugin targets


Could you add more maven targets to the maven plugin (i.e. future rollback, etc…)


It’s planned, but not something I’ve gotten to.  It will probably be after the 2.0 final release, though.  Possibly in part of a 2.0.1 or so release.  I don’t do much maven, so it’s something I need to figure out how to do.  Any patches/contributions are always appreciated as well.


By the way, I had some problems using Liquibase and hibernate inside Maven: I haven’t taken a look at the plugin source, but I have the feeling that it ignores the maven classpath and source directories and only takes into account the plugin dependencies, as I had to include everything needed as a dependency to the plugin. Even this way Hibernate couldn’t load hibernate.cfg.xml from src/main/resources.

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maven loads resources from target/classes, that is a ${}. You can point folders, that are copied at the process-resource phase.

In my pom.xml I’m using

    ${}/src/main/liquibase                                 false **/*.xml **/*.sql **/*.csv ...

Note you can add multiply sources folders in the resources section.
Hope this help