NEW: Liquibase Fundamentals Certification

Hey everyone! We just launched the first Liquibase certification at Liquibase University - Liquibase Fundamentals! If you want to learn more about Liquibase or verify your skills, sign up for free at


I think its a great time to pick up a devops / db automation certificate!

Hi Kevin,
I just completed my certification but I am not able to add it LinkedIn. I can not find any Credential URL or Credential ID to link to my LinedIn profile. I can download and see it anyway, the certification looks good :blush:

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Welcome @abhixkj, I will work with the head of our LMS to help out with getting the cert linked in.

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Congratulations on completing the certification! I’ll have Ronak reach out and help you with the credentialing in LinkedIn.

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@ronak is fast! You beat me to it. Thanks!

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@AristyCat has a good idea what it may be. Standby.

Hello @abhixkj!

I was able to verify that the system did propagate your certification. An email would have been sent to your registered email address. A lot of times this email ends up in a Spam or Junk folder. If you are using Microsoft Outlook, also check your “Other” folder. Here is the receipient view of your certification: See Accreditation .


Hey, thanks guys for the fast response :raised_hands:, I was able to add it now. It was sent via a separate mail from Accredible. :v:

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Awesome @abhixkj! Great work, thanks for completing the Fundamentals course!