PostgreSql sequences potential bug, and 1.9.5 src doesn't build out-of-download


I’m a newbie to liquibase as of yesterday, and it looks promising/cool. 

I discovered a potential bug in the querying of sequences in a PostgresSQL RDMS schema.  One of our schemas has 51 sequences, but the sequence query (on running generateChangeLog the first time to reverse engineer a schema) was culling them over-eagerly via AND clauses in the SQL.  Another of our schemas had another similar sequences overly-eager culling problem on running generateChangeLog.  I modified the pertinent query in the src download and the two sets of sequences for the respective schema were then correctly returned.  Should I apply a patch? 

Also, your 1.9.5 src distribution doesn’t build from the ant script supplied without modifications to the download (missing libs in the missing lib-14jvm directory) and a missing MANIFEST.MF file (among a couple of other missing dirs), but I hacked these by downloading libs and grabbing the MANIFEST.MF from the binary dist (and creating the offending missing odd dirs here and there).  What should I do, if anything, to fix this so the distribution is supported and working out-of-box per the download?


If you could send me the patches (nathan [at], that would be great.  As far as getting the 1.9.5 to build from the source dist, I’m hoping to get 2.0 release in the next week or so, so it’s probably not worth the effort of getting that distribution working.  We changed to a maven-based build for 2.0, so that should help with the library management.