What to call the changelog of changelogs

In the past, we have called it master, root, main, and primary.

We definitely don’t want to call it master anymore. What term do you prefer?

  1. root
  2. main
  3. primary


I like primary. I think root could be confusing because that’s also the name of your base level folder.

Yo dawg, I heard you like root, so I put some root in your root so you can root while you root. :wink:

That’s right, I brought out the ancient memes.


also trunk or base :wink:

We made the decision to refer to it as root; when using nested changelogs the top level changelog is the root changelog

However, we are going to work to make it clear that you can name that changelog whatever you want; it’s not the naming of the log itself that gives it magic powers

thanks all for the input as always!