2 change sets have not been applied to SYSDBA@jdbc:firebirdsql

Hi, I’m new here and I’m going through the following situation. I downloaded the program, created a new Firebid project inside the Liquibase folder (C: \ Program Files \ liquibase \ LiquibaseFirebird) and configured liquibase.properties as follows:

changeLogFile: dbchangelog.xml
url: jdbc:firebirdsql://localhost:3050/DBV_MECDETAL
username: SYSDBA
password: masterkey
driver: org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FBDriver
classpath: …/…/Liquibase/lib/jaybird-full-4.0.2.jar

NOTE: DBV_MECDETAL is the database alias that I am using.

Then I opened the cmd and executed the command “Liquibase status”, to create the DATABASECHANGELOG and DATABASECHANGELOGLOCK tables, but return the following:

Starting Liquibase at 22:26:12 (version 4.3.5 #62 built at 2021-04-29 18:31+0000)
2 change sets have not been applied to SYSDBA@jdbc:firebirdsql://localhost:3050/DBV_MECDETAL
Liquibase command ‘STATUS’ was executed successfully.

Therefore, the tables were not created and I couldn’t find anything by searching the internet. Can someone help me?

Note: My Firebird in version 2.5, so i using the jaybird 4.0

I just ran a test using Liquibase 3.10.2, with Oracle, and I got the same result.

The “status” command will return the number of pending changesets, but it does not create the databasechangelog table or the databasechangeloglock table.

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