301 moved permanently error

Trying to execute liquibase updateSQL goal , and all of a sudden started getting this error

[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.liquibase:liquibase-maven-plugin:3.3.5:updateSQL (WEB_DB_RESET) on project liquibase: Error setting up or running Liquibase: liquibase.exception.SetupException: Error parsing line 2 column 35 of src/main/resources/db/sql/web_db_reset/changelogs/changelog-GNA-7292.xml: s4s-elt-character: Non-whitespace characters are not allowed in schema elements other than ‘xs:appinfo’ and ‘xs:documentation’. Saw ‘301 Moved Permanently’. → [Help 1]

my schema imports are these:

can you help @aditi or @MikeOlivas

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We have now also the same issue. We are using liquibase and suddenly our building process stopped working.
http://www.liquibase.org/xml/ns/dbchangelog/dbchangelog-3.0.xsd :
Error parsing line 2 column 35 …s4s-elt-character: Non-whitespace characters are not allowed in schema elements other than ‘xs:appinfo’ and ‘xs:documentation’. Saw ‘301 Moved Permanently’.

Hi @Pooja . We changed websites that host the xsd recently.
Liquibase 3.3.5 was released in 2015. That version did not always look locally for the dtds that are now in the jar file.
Please update your liquibase maven version to a newer one and that should resolve your 301 issues.

Hi @Amine Thanks for joining the community. Which version of Liquibase are you using?

Hi @MikeOlivas ,
We use liquibase-core 3.2.2

Hi @Amine , your version is even older. Can you upgrade to a newer version which fixes this problem? If you can’t upgrade, what prevents the upgrade?

thank you, we were using


i will upgarde it to 4.7.1 and try

Hi @MikeOlivas ,
I upgraded liquibase to a newer version, it seems that the issue has been fixed. Thank you :slight_smile:
But why our building process worked successfully two days before with the old version ?

Hi @MikeOlivas Im using 3.8.9 and have the error. I’m unable to update now, can you clarify?

See earlier reply about Liquibase moving the website that hosted the xsd files. Older versions of Liquibase would always try to connect to a webserver to look up xsd files, and that would sometimes cause problems, so the team changed the code to package the xsd files in the jar, and look in the jar first for those files. What you are seeing now is an older version of Liquibase that tries to look up an xsd at a URL, and due to some website changes at Liquibase that xsd is no longer available where it used to be.