addColumn creates contraint that is not removed on rollback

I have the following addColumn contents:

I’m assuming it creates an additional constraint to enforce the default value because nullable is false.

Rollback is failing with a complaint that the constraint is dependent on the column.

Shouldn’t the constraint be removed prior to dropping the column as part of the rollback?

What database are you using?  Most drop the constraint along with the column automatically.


SQL Server 2005 and jtds.

When I was using 1.9.5 it used to work.

From SQL Server 2005 docs it looks like you definitively need to drop the constraint before dropping the column.

If we assume addColumn rollback to work automatically then it will need to work.

It appears to have been a block of code that had gotten lost in 2.0.  I put it back in to trunk.  Thanks for finding the issue