addForeignKeyConstraint and baseTableSchemaName


I’m using liquibase rc-5.

The xml for generating FK produced by difftochangelog is

I need two instances of my application on one application server. The problem is that the different instances use different schema so I my changesets should be schema independent. I didn’t tested creating of the FKs without the attributes baseTableSchemaName and referencedTableSchemaName, but it is strange to me why these attributes are generated?

They are generated with the generateChangeLog and diff commands because we need to support generating changelogs that work with multiple schemas.  You can remove them and they will use the default schema. 

With 2.1, we may add a “don’t include schema information” in the diff tool.


Hi Nathan,

I’m getting started with Liquibase, and I came accross the same issue as 

(finally catching up on old posts, sorry)

Unfortunately, 2.1 work has not started yet. It is the next major planned version and will focus on the diff tool, but so far 2.0 has kept me busy.