Almost every databaseObjectName is escaped on Oracle


while testing 2.0-rc7-SNAPSHOT (trunk) on oracle, it seems that OracleDatabase.escapeDatabaseObject(objectName) escapes almost every objectName, although my names don’t include any non-word characters.

I tried to create a sequence named sq_search_role, which results in:

    create sequence "sq_search_role";

The problem is: When inserting a entry using Hibernate, it is not able to query the sequence because Oracle (case-insensitive db) requires the double quotes around the name.

I created a Jira issue with a patch for this.



I can confirm this issue. But Oracle likes the “” if the name of the column is wirtten as used in the database. This means creating a column with “COLUMN_1” must be selected like “COLUMN_1” or COLUMN_1 or column_1.
Selecting “column_1” will not work.
And using ‘column_1’ is something totally different.


I had seen that last night too.  I made a change to handle some cases, but your patch looks better.  I’ll get it applied.  Thanks