ANN: Clj-Liquibase 0.1 Alpha


For some time I have been working on a Clojure DSL/wrapper for Liquibase 2.0 version. Though it is in alpha stage right now and no unit tests are written yet, I am still happy to announce it and you can find the sources here:

Your feedback, comments are most welcome. When building from sources, you will need to clone these as dependencies:


I’m interested to see how it works.  Thanks for creating it!


For a small sample of how the DSL will be expressed/look-like:

It is still laced with debugging wrappers (mu/!) to report any exceptions in a nice format, which will go away in the final version. The main entry point is ‘defchangelog’ that actually creates a var for changelog. A typical changelog file will look like this same test.clj but without the datasource vars and without any update/tag/rollback functions.

I am planning to have them invoked using a Leiningen plugin later:

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.