[ANN] LiquiBase 2.0 Beta 3 Released

LiquiBase 2.0 Beta 3 has been released.  Note: This is not yet production ready code and contains known issues

The goal of the beta3 release is to provide a new stable release for entries in the plugin contest to build off of and for others who want to beta test the 2.0 release.

Major changes in the beta3 release include:

  • Converting to Maven for our build process
  • Major changes to the database snapshot functionality including better flexibility and performance
  • Lots of bug fixes

Beta 3 should be the last �re-architecting� release.  From now until the 2.0 final release we are going to focus on new features and bug fixes.  The goal for 2.0 final is mid-September.

As always, let us know if you have any questions or problems.

You can download the newest release from the LiquiBase download page