Anyone come across this deployment issue when deploying to a JEE container?

Having this issue now when I deploy and there isn’t nearly enough info for me to track down what is going on. I’ve added the weld jar and a few others to my WEB-INF/lib folder. Not exactly sure what I am missing… I would hope if it’s a configuration error the exception would be more informative to help figure out what is missing.

org.glassfish.deployment.common.DeploymentException: CDI deployment failure:WELD-001408 Unsatisfied dependencies for type [DataSource] with qualifiers [@LiquibaseType] at injection point [[BackedAnnotatedField] @Inject @LiquibaseType private liquibase.integration.cdi.CDILiquibase.dataSource]

Do you have a class that provides all the CDILiquibase dependencies?  Check out the liquibase-core source and look at liquibase.integration.cdi.CDITestProducer as an example.


Please see if this is not your case too: