auto updating timestamp ?

Ok, new issues after trying nvoxland solution and some other little changes, the generated SQL looks like this now :

  1. CREATE TABLE __test (

So is there a bug that make timestamps impossible to be null ?

Thanks for your answers (but the main problem of ON UPDATE clause remains unsolved :/)


I guess you need to specify a function that is specific to your DBMS. In MySQL you could use “now()” instead of “CURRENT_TIMESTAMP”

not working any better, the SQL generated looks like this : 

  1. CREATE TABLE `___test` (
  3. ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1 COLLATE=latin1_swedish_ci

the dateModif field is still converted to DATETIME field

Try using defaultValueComputed instead of defaultValue. It is assuming you mean the string CURRENT_TIMESTAMP or ‘NOW()’. defaultValueComputed means it is not a string but a function.


Hi, after taking a look around the forum I haven’t found any answer working for my problem.

How do you write the following MySQL code in liquibase XML structure ?


I have tried the following, but without success

The field is transformed in DATETIME and no "on update" clause on it.

Thank you previously.

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that’s what I am actually doing Nathan, I use tag for create tables.

I’ll take a look to the website to see if no issue is open, then i’ll open a new one, 

thanks for answering


One option that may work if you have a hard time getting a change to work is to just fall back to and specify exactly what you want, or use on the change to fix up/add anything that isn’t directly supported.

Mysql creates timestamp columns as not null by default. I wonder if liquibase is expecting that columns are nullable by default and so not passing on your nullable=true constraint. That may be worth creating an issue at on