Backward compatibility issue in 4.6.x with databasechangelog.filename

I am using Liquibase 4.4 and want to upgrade to 4.6.
When upgrading, I got migration error (MigrationFailedException) because Liquibase was trying to run my scripts even though nothing was changed.

I compared the ‘databasechangelog’ checksum of my scripts, between existing database and a new one created with 4.6.2.
I noticed that the md5 checksum is the same on both. The only difference I saw was with the column ‘filename’:
In my original database created with 4.4 the file name is db/config/../changes/baseline/0001_newTenant.sql, but with 4.6 it is created as db/changes/baseline/0001_newTenant.sql.
Technically, this is the exact same path. But somehow liquibase doesn’t recognize it now and cause my upgrade to fail, thinking this is a new script.
To validate that this is indeed the issue, I manually changed ‘databasechangelog.filename’ in my existing database to the new format generated by v4.6, and it worked.

My changelog file db.changelog-baseline.xml is looking like this:

    <include file="../changes/baseline/0001_newTenant.sql" relativeToChangelogFile="true"/>

And the folder structure is:

    │   └───baseline
    │           0001_newTenant.sql
    │       db.changelog-baseline.xml

Right now, I’ve also found a workaround: I added the logicalfilepath to my changeset files like this:

-- changeset yoely:0001 dbms:postgresql logicalfilepath:db/config/../changes/baseline/0001_newTenant.sql

So even though I found a workaround, this is still a lot of work to do for all of my projects and change files.
Is there any better workaround for it? Or maybe a fix to Liquibase to prevent such confusion ?


Hey @oridca thanks for posting this. We are taking a look and will be sure to get back to you.

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