Batches of updates

I have a SQL UPDATE that I want to run on my database. In the past, we’ve had small numbers of rows to update but for this one, it’s big and I don’t care about atomicity (the update can work in batches and my app will read either the old version or the new). Ideally I’d like to specify this to the update change type and have it run a query with a limit of, for example, a few hundred rows and re-run this until no rows are affected. This is so that the update doesn’t have to happen as a single transaction. I guess there would need to be some kind of limit to the number of executions, just in case the update can affect previously affected rows or the application is writing data in the old format for example.

Firstly, does this exist? Secondly, could it be added?

I don’t think something that could be done natively in Liquibase.
I’m not sure what dbms platform your are using, but you could easily write a stored procedure to do that, and then execute it via Liquibase.