Beginners valueComputed question


I am using the Community version of liquibase 3.5.5 with mysql. I would like to populate a column value via the ‘valueComputed’ tag containing a function call, ideally. However it looks like only createPorcedure is supported in the community edition so I am wondering whether it is possible to chain SQL statements together in a valueComputed value? Something along the lines of valueComputed="(UPDATE some_table …; SELECT x FROM some_table…’)".
I have tried it and I get syntax errors. When I replace the “chained” statements with a single SELECT, it works.
So my question is, is there a way to chain SQL statements and I just haven’t coded it correctly?

Many thanks in advance

Hi @urartu,

Sorry you are running into issues. To better help you, may we see:

  • you changeset file where you define your sql
  • exact liquibase command line you are running
  • if you using it
  • complete logs (you say there is an error, could we see?)