Bug in commercial version of liquibase related to mongodb

Hi when I run a Liquibase update on Mongodb with Mongosh as a runner for a .js file I get an error
Error parsing command line: unrecognised option '--file'
and effectively the argument --file it is not a part of mongodb arguments this is coming from com.liquibase.ext.tools.MongoshRunner.createFinalCommandArray of liquibase-commercial-mongodb-1.x.x.jar
I am also wondering about the use of eval that was deprecated since the Mongodb 3 especially that liquibase-commercial-mongodb-1.x.x.jar is only compatible with mongodb4 and upper

if (this.outFile != null) {
            } else {

It looks like you got this working from the comments on the GitHub issue you opened.

For anyone else having this problem. Here is the answer from the discussion:

I just checked and I noticed that the Mongosh.exe that comes
with mongodb server, does not support the --file option.

We only have to put the .js file without any option. In my case
I had installed the mongoDB server 4.4.12 and used the Mongosh
that came with it. I had the same behaviour (no need of the option)
when I install the last version of MongoDB server (6.0.8).

When I added the mongosh v1.10.5 in the Path, liquibase update works fine.