Bug in modifyColumn

When using Liquibase to alter a column from nullable to not nullable I get an error.

The Liquibase xml is this:


Liquibase gives me this SQL:

    ALTER TABLE [ParameterGroupReference] ALTER COLUMN PersistentEntityMetaDataID gtSmallIntID;

but I expected this SQL:

    alter table ParameterGroupReference alter column PersistentEntityMetaDataID gtSmallIntID not null;

It seems as if Liquibase forgets about the constraints tag.

Problem occurs in both v 1.9.3 and v 1.9.4.
My dbms is MSSQL2K5

This was patched for 1.9.5: http://liquibase.jira.com/browse/CORE-403

Originally posted by: bawolfe
This was patched for 1.9.5: http://liquibase.jira.com/browse/CORE-403

Somebody that knows how to use the attached .patch file?
It’s not a .class or .jar file (rather a kind of change-journal file), so I cant just put it in the classpath as often used for patching.

You have to do an svn checkout of the liquibase code, apply the patch to that code, then run the ant ‘package’ task to compile the jar file.  I don’t know if there is a nightly build of liquibase jar somewhere that you could use.  If there isn’t, you could download the patched 1.9.4 jar that we use in openmrs: http://dev.openmrs.org/browser/openmrs/trunk/lib/liquibase

Downloaded the one you have and it works - thanks.

Glad you got it.  Thanks for the snapshot and patch brawolfe.  I’ll get it applied soon.