Calling java from liquibase

The requirement is to call a java program from liquibase and pass the value obtained from java to placeholders present in liquibase sql scripts.

I’m using liquibase-core 4.28.0 and liquibase-maven-plugin 4.28.0

Here’s the sample project structure and changes which i have tried after researching.
│ pom.xml
│ └───com
│ └───example


In changelog.yml I’m using

    - customChange:
        class: com.example.LiquibaseCustomTask

Using cmd mvn liquibase:update

This calls my java file succesfully. this class implements CustomTaskChange provided by the liquibase.

public class LiquibaseCustomTask1 extends AbstractChange implements CustomTaskChange {

public void execute(Database database) throws CustomChangeException {

RandomStringGenerator gen = new RandomStringGenerator();
String randomString = gen.generate(20);
Liquibase liquibase = new Liquibase(“db/changelog/changelog.yml”,new ClassLoaderResourceAccessor(getClass().getClassLoader()), database);
liquibase.setChangeLogParameter(“randomString”, randomString);

This approach didn’t works as this liquibase.update tries to run the liquibase again and goes into stack overflow.
I’ve also tried with CommandScope approach but still the output is same.

Can someone explain me how to achieve this requirement?

Yes, this code will cause an infinite recursion, as it will just keep running liquibase update.

To make sure, you are wanting to shell out to execute a Java program to get your property values?