Can Liquibase be customized?

Can we use our own properties to customize the usage of the tool i.e. can we use our customized parameters to execute the migrations.

Yes, liquibase is very customizable. lists some of the code extension points available, plus there are changelog parameters and other tools that let you customize how the standard changes execute.

I would need more specifics to know if what you hope to do is possible.


Hi Nathan,


Thanks for your quick response.

We dont have the specific requirements yet, but we will have a scenario where we may need to migrate a number of Database(s) for different applications where some are XML based, some are SQL based migrations and some are Java based migrations.

Does Liquibase support Java based migrations or is there a way around for the same?

Can you list out benefits of using Liquibase in our scenario? Also read that you provide trainings, if you can give details for our consideration.


Appreciate your help.