Can you look at my problem?

Hi, i am testing liquibase for apply to our DB.

Our DB Server : Windows server 2019 64bit

I Installed Liquibase4.17.0 and Java SE

Liquibase --Version command works fine.
But, generateChangeLog , update command doesn’t work.

Exception message : Unexpected error running Liquibase: Cannot invoke “java.lang.Integer.intValue()” because the return value of “liquibase.snapshot.CachedRow.getInt(String)” is null

As for jdbc driver, I used the built-in liquibase(in internal dir) and also used the jdbc 11.2 version.

If anyone knows a solution let me know

listUnrunChangeSets throws NPE when MSSQL with case-sensitive collation · Issue #3415 · liquibase/liquibase (