Cannot find changeLog.xml from java

I am using liquibase Pro from Scala, with the Java libraries
DB connection works and the lock files are updated but
val liquibase = new Liquibase(fileName, new ClassLoaderResourceAccessor, database)
liquibase.update(new Contexts, new LabelExpression)

fails on update
liquibase.exception.ChangeLogParseException: The file ./liquibase/refDBs/sblive-livegotest(0.90.23).bak/baseLog.xml was not found in
Specifying files by absolute path was removed in Liquibase 4.0. Please use a relative path or add ‘/’ to the classpath parameter.
If I get the same filename and print the contents, the file is there

Have also tried putting the changeLog.xml into resources, the root folder etc. It just cannot find it regardless of where it is

Whats odd is that the error message contains “was not found in” but it looks like “in” is empty, as if the LIQUIBASE_CLASSPATH is not working

but its reading the LIQUIBASE_PRO_LICENSE_KEY just fine

Hi @rleinfellner.

Starting with Liquibase 4.0, the root directory (/) is no longer a default part of the classpath. You can find more details on our official documentation.

Understood. However the class path does not see to work at all when I package my app into a JAR

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