Can't insert the string "scale values mean" without it being changed

I’m not exactly sure what is going on in the background for this. I’m trying to populate an H2 database table with some text that includes the words ‘scale values mean’ in that order. When I do so it attempts to insert ‘scale KEY(version) values mean’ instead.

I’ve created a sample project to show the error

if you clone the project and run mvn liquibase:update you will see an error

the error is for a null value in the non-null column ‘id’ but this should be auto-populated by the incrementer. If you change the text in the csv it will run as expected.

My question is, is there a better way to escape the text in the csv? It looks like it’s still being interpreted by something on the way to the database.

Hi @MYarbrough ,

Quick question, what version of liquibase are you using?



In the project it’s set to 3.8.0, but it does that same thing if you change the version to 4.3.1

I was able to reproduce this @MYarbrough and I am using version 4.3.1, and I even took out mvn, and was just running liquibase updateSQL (update preview).

I found a weird workaround btw, if you move the text to the next line (or any later line) it doesn’t get interpreted weirdly

So changing the csv to the following will work
version, text, start_date
scale values mean",“2021-02-12”

That is awesome @MYarbrough you have found a workaround. I was stumped. I’m still trying to find out why with the help of some smarter Liquibase folks. -Ronak

@MYarbrough , this does look like a bug, I entered it in here:

Would you mind adding yourself to the issue if you want updates?