Can't startliquibase

after lot of tentatives for solving the problem I try here to find an answer.
It seems a simple problem and probably it is but I can’t see the solution.
Using the following command:

DEBUG 07/03/11 16.45:liquibase: Unable to load/access Apache Derby driver class to check version:
Liquibase Update Failed: Cannot find database driver: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
SEVERE 07/03/11 16.45:liquibase: Cannot find database driver: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
liquibase.exception.DatabaseException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Cannot find
atabase driver: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
        at liquibase.integration.commandline.CommandLineUtils.createDatabaseObj
        at liquibase.integration.commandline.Main.doMigration(
        at liquibase.integration.commandline.Main.main(
Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: Cannot find database driver: com.mysql.j
        at liquibase.integration.commandline.CommandLineUtils.createDatabaseObj

Any idea ?
Thank you for your time

When you’re adding a jar to the classpath, it needs to include the full jar filename, not just the directory it’s in.

Try "java -classpath