Change Log Properties and modifySql

Hi Nathan,

   I have a doubt about modifySql and I want to show you this:

1 - I have this variable


2 - If I use it in a change set like this everything works fine (if the variable changes, the table is updated with the new value):

                           key = 1                                                    

3 - In this other change set… it works fine too:

                           key = 2                insert into temp_table            (key, value)            values            (2, '${temp.variable}');            

4 - But in this one… it doesn’t work like in the others, nothing is updated:

                       key = 3                insert into temp_table            (key, value)            values            (3, 'change_me');                                        

Is this the correct behavior or should be included in the check that the SQL has changed and execute the change set?

I’m using my own compiled version from revision 1572.


I think I know what could be causing the problem.  I’ll look into it.  I created to track it