Changelog Parameter help

Can you provide more specifics or an example? What is the end goal you are trying to accomplish?

Steve Donie
Principal Software Engineer
Datical, Inc.

I use changelog parameter, the value  is a select statement. How to get the select statement to execute?   When reference the property in the changeset, it’s the whole select statement, not the result of the select. 

liquibase version: 3.5.3

db: mysql 5.1

I have partition table and the goal is to dynamically compose the next partition_name and values


  • property:

    name: numUid

    value: 1000

    context: dev

  • property:

    name: numUid

    value: 2000

    context: test

  • property:

    name: maxNum

    value: select partition_description + $(numUid) from information_schema.partitions where table_name=‘x’ and partition_ordinal_position=(select max(partition_ordinal_position) from information_schema.partitions where table_name =‘x’);

  • changeset:


      - sql: alter table x add partition (partition p_${maxNum} values less than (${maxNum} );

went I ran: updateToTagSQL version_1

output is: alter table x add partition (partition p_select partition_description…);

so I ran updateToTag version_1 to see if it will replace but na:

Got [Failed SQL: alter table x add partition (partition p_select partition_description + 1000 …]