changeSetExecuted precondition

I have the following changelog

My question is can I more simply say that I want to apply a tag to the database ONLY if all the change sets in this change log are complete?

Specifically on the changeSetExecuted precondition I would like to refer to the changeLogFile as some symbolic that means this one?

Thanks for the quick info.  I have to confess that I wrote the query before trying my own file.  When I ran it I had to remove the preconditions because they do not become true until the first changesets are processed.

This leads me to my followon question.  I am trying to coordinate database changes between 2 different user IDs to manage that I placed the following precondition

Is there an easier or more elegant way to verify a change level in a foreign (oracle) schema?

There isn’t a built-in way to not have to list the changeLogFile attribute. It may be worth opening up a feature request on for that, though.

Note: since your tag changeSet is after step1, step2, step3, there should be no reason that the earlier changeSets were not executed unless there are onFail or preconditions on the earlier changeSets that aren’t listed in the example.


Your sqlCheck is the best way I can think of off hand.