Changesets run by Maven not recognized by manual run of liquibase jar

Hi - I have a simple enough situation, that I would have expected to work, that doesn’t, and I could do with some advice on how to debug where the problem lies.

I have a few sql files, with liquibase xml wrapper files, that get packaged and run automatically through maven. It all works smoothly, picks up properties from the maven pom, runs the changesets, and looks fine.

When I manually go to the database on the command line, check the databasechangelog table, it looks ok, and all the columns are populated and everything seems fine.

However, I then take the exact same jar file, and run liquibase from the command line, pointing to the same database, with the same user, and liquibase doesn’t seem to recognise that the changesets have run before.

Comparing the output of changelogSyncSQL command to what is in the tables already, it seems to match. Even the checksums are the same.

So the question is, which columns & does liquibase use to check if a changeset has run already, and why is there this discrepancy.

It’s liquibase 2.0.5, maven 2, oracle 11.

Thanks in advance.


Answering my own question!

When run through maven, it’s inserting a filename sometihng like:

and from the command line:

so at least I’ve the difference, now I have to find a solution.