Checksum documentation clarrification

Using 2.0.0 (2010.12.19)

Hi guys,

I was reading the Changeset Manual about validCheckSums field on the ChangeSet.

Some feedback would be great.


I found this

Original Change Set was Wrong or Buggy

There are times when a change that was created wrong, especially if you are using the tag and have a complicated statement. When you catch the problem, you are often not able to recover original data or structures, but want the change to be correct for new databases going forward. In this case, it is best to use add a tag to the changeSet specifying that the new check sum is correct. To know the check sum to specify, simply make your change and try to update a database. The resulting verification error will include the new check sum.

So, in conclusion it looks as if you have to use the new checksum of the modified ChangeSet in the validCheckSum element.