CI down? spins and hangs and finally dies with a proxy server error.  Anyone else getting this?


Yes, I am too.  I am not in charge of the CI server, and have been assuming they were going to fix it.  If it’s not up tomorrow I’ll look into it more.


It is still down can someone check it or let me know who i can notify or check with.  I have a bad build and need to get a newer build so I can continue on with my IDE development.

Scott Ryan

It is hosted with with the group.  I’ll post a message to their mailing list.  You can watch for replies at if you like.

You can build from source locally if you like as well.  Liquibase is built with maven, there is a pom file in the root that builds everything, or you can build just liquibase-core/pom.xml.  You can get the most recent code from