Classpath problem with liquibase-maven-plugin.

Nathan,  I’m posting here as you requested.

It may be by design, but I’ve found that resources I try to load from the main classpath cannot be found when running the liquibase-maven-plugin (v  (I’m certain that I’ve seen the same problem with the version, as well.)  If there’s not a particular reason why such resources shouldn’t be available, I’d like to look into modifying the plugin to find those resources.

I suppose the first thing, though, I’ll need to know how to get started and any procedures that I should follow.  Is this documented anywhere?


Sorry for the slow response. 

I am working on getting a “starting with liqubase development” section on the wiki, but is all I have so far. 

The quick version is that you can check out the code from  The module structure follows maven conventions.  Feel free to commit fixes you have, and I will review them as they come in. 

Is there anything in particular you are wondering about?


No worries.

Let me check out those resources.  I’ll get back to you with any questions.