Classpath property not working for referring additional jars

Am trying to connect to azure SQL using activedirectory login. So trying to map the msal4j jar and dependency with classpath in below command. But it is not picking the jar files and throwing error. If I place the files with in liquibase/internal/lib folder, then it works fine. is there any limitation in using classpath?

liquibase --defaultsFile --username xxx --password yyy --url jdbc:sqlserver://serverdetails --classpath “C:/Data/jarpath” --changeLogFile changelog.xml update

Unexpected error running Liquibase: Connection could not be created to jdbc:sqlserver://serverdetails with driver Failed to load MSAL4J Java library for performing ActiveDirectoryPassword authentication.

Hi @veera,

That’s strange. It looks like the command line argument isn’t working.

If you add C:/Data/jarpath as a CLASSPATH environment variable, does it work correctly?

If that works, it might be worth opening an issue on Github Sign in to GitHub · GitHub