Coding support for new database


I am currently coding the support for a new database : Teradata.
I used the information on but it seems a bit outdated.
For example, I found that I had to extend another class : AbstractTypeConverter
Is there a sort of changelog covering all tags that I could use to test my implementation ?


The documentation is a bit out of date, but I think the abstractTypeConverter is about all that is not covered.  I’m planning on working on the docs as I finish up 2.0 final, but haven’t gotten there yet.

There is a good set of sample changelogs in the core SVN repository under liquibase-integration-tests\src\test\resources\changelogs


Hi nathan,

It found some other stuff to override :

  • GetViewDefintionGenerator since the default implementation is looking into a table named information_schema which of course doesn’t exists.
  • JDBCDatabaseSnapshotGenerator : I think there is an issue in default code regarding foreign key infos. The code is checking GetReferencesUniqueColumn without ever filling it. I added my own implementation of fillForeignKey to set it to true if SeqKey==0

Last point, is it really necessary to create a database snapshot (with all informations) just to check if a view exists ?


(catching up on old posts)

It is not necessary to create a full snapshot, but it is the easiest :)  The diff support is going to be the major focus of 2.1 and I will see if I can improve the performance at that point.  The APIs are designed to have each database be able to find views how best it can, it just needs to be implemented.