Compability issues between master of liquibase-core and liquibase-hibernate

I’m working on improving the process, but I did just recently update liquibase-hibernate to reference 3.3.0-SNAPSHOT since there was the breaking API change. I try to keep those to a minimum but when I do run into a case I will update the extensions to work off master as soon as I can. 


I have made developments in liquibase-core and liquibase-hibernate. So in my local pom.xml files I reference a local Nexus and also let liquibase-hibernate depend on the 3.3.0-SNAPSHOT version of liquibase-core since I need fixes I have made in liquibase-core.

But after pulling updates from upstreams to both liquibase-core and liquibase-hibernate liquibase-hibernate stopped working since master of liquibase-hibernate is compatible with version 3.2.0 of liquibase-core.

I had already made one pull request that was merged for liquibase-hibernate depending on a newly merged pull request for liquibase-core. I suspect this change has broken things for those using master of liquibase-hibernate. I was in the process of making another pull request, but as it stands it seems like I would need to wait until the release of version 3.3.0 of liquibase-core.

I don’t really know how this should be handled…

I was looking at this problem again and as far as I can see liquibase-hibernate still depends on liquibase-core 3.2.0 as can be seen in