Confused about modifyColumn


I’m a little bit confused about the modifyColumn refactoring. It seems to only modify the type of the column, but not, for example, the default value (this is LiquiBase 1.9.5 and Oracle). If the type is left out, I get a NPE, even though the XSD doesn’t state that the type attribute would be required.

The ModifyColumnChangeTest suggests that OracleDatabase doesn’t support non-type changes, where MySQLDatabase does.

So, what’s the scope of modifyColumn? Does it support type changes only, or is it supposed to support other column attributes?

Thanks, bye

It does mainly support type changes.  It was an early change that was added and it turned out to be a bad idea because there are too many permutations of options. 

I am planning to remove it in 2.0 in favor of a modifyDataType change.  If you have a changelog with modifyColumn it will be available as an extension.