Contexting of include tags?


i did a bit of research in this forum bu did not find this topic yet.

We are thinking about using Liquibase for out database migration.Due to a large amount of tables and as we have seen that it’s a best practice, we separate our changelogs into several samller ones and let them be integrated by a central file.

Now my question is:

Is there a way to use any execution control in the include tag? Like the contexting or labeling of changeSets?

The structure we would like to set up is that there is a central changeLog which includes a bunch (2-5) of other changeLogs which each have like 50-200 changeLog children. And every time the main changelog is supposed to execute only one of the 2-5 branches.

At the moment during development we handle this by commenting in and out, but a function like contexting includes would be really helpful!

Thanks in advance,


I didn’t fully understand what you meant by this however did you find a solution as this thread is a year old with no responses

I have made a question linked to this one in the forum. I know that in version 3.5.1 it’s supposed to be able to specify the context at changelog level in the include statement but I was trying without success.
Could someone explain me how it works this new function?

Thanks in advance