Custom columns for databasechangelog table defined by custom changeset attributes

is it possible to define custom attributes for a changset in a way that they are added as columns to the databasechangelog table for each changeset and how would I do that? I would like to have a similar behaviour like for author or comment attributes, but for additional values, meaning I can define own columns. For example schema, version, …
I know that there is a field named “labels” that I could use but it results only in one column in the databasechangelog table. I would like to have multiple columns so that efficient WHERE requests depending on these columns on the database table are possible.

Example changset:

 <changeSet schema="myschema" version="1.1" author="Jane Doe" id="ticket-1">
        <comment>changes for ticket.1</comment>
        <sqlFile dbms="oracle" encoding="Windows-1252" endDelimiter=";" path="tickets\ticket-1.sql" relativeToChangelogFile="true" splitStatements="true" stripComments="true"/>

Thank you!