Custom SQL file and multine comments


I found a problem when running a changeset with a sqlFile tag against a postgresql DB (8.4.8), and the JDBC4 Postgresql Driver, Version 9.0-801:

When the sql file contains code inside a multiline comment like so:

    I was able to reproduce the problem with other commands like ALTER in the comments. Note that this script runs perfectly from i.e. pgAdmin3.

    Please advice

    Thank you!


Hi, same exact problem for me with Oracle, liquibase version 3.0.2.

Moreover, a similar error happens using single-line comment like 

– hello

and the error decription more or less says the “hello” is not a liquibase command.

All this seems to happen only if the .sql file is referenced by an xml database change log; if calling directly the .sql file from the updateDatabase ant task works fine



PS: workarounding this by avoiding to insert comments in the SQL scripts is possible and works, but not so nice … any better solution is welcome

Ithink the issue i just posted has some commonalities with yours…