Data Export/Import Heapspace And String Literal Issues…carljoans:mysqlspecific

1.) Trying to export data from a very big table crashes liquibase, because it pulls all the data from the table at once.
– issue resolved for mysql in block 226 ( base-core/src/main/java/liquibase/diff/output/changelog/core/ )

at the link above, mysql dump only
– pulls 10000 records at a time and dumps into separate csv files.
2.) Trying to import data from a very big csv file crashes liquibase.
– resolution to issue 1 solves this as well.
3.) String literals in Oracle. If the value in an insert statement [ “insert into table ( column )values( ‘very long value’ )” ] exceeds 4000 characters Oracle generates an error. Breaking the value string up into Oracle variables solves it unless your variable value exceeds 30000 characters, then a secondary string literal error is generated. So then you need to break that variable into smaller pieces as well.
– resolved at block 133 ( liquibase-core/src/main/java/liquibase/sqlgenerator/core/

) for Oracle only.