Data export

Apparently hadn’t bee hooked up again with the changes in 3.0. I’ll get it reintroduced for 3.0.2. 

I created to track it.


I can’t believe a release was made with a whole subsystem commented out!

What’s the ETA for this fix?

I just started using liquibase and I like it!!. I am trying to export data into csv using dataTypes=diff with generateChangeLog, but not getting any output. 

In order to find the reason, I checked the code and I found the following function in which I suppose generate data changeLogs.

protected void addInsertDataChanges(List changeSets, String dataDir) throws DatabaseException, IOException {

Is this functionality be completely removed due to some reasons or it will be implemented in future?

Working on it now. It will be in the 3.0.2 release that I’m hoping to have done by the end of next week (around the 12th)


It will be in 3.0.2 with the added bonus of being much better for memory usage.


Hoping today or tomorrow. Finishing up running tests.


When 3.0.2 will be released ?

That’s good! :slight_smile: