I have been trying to get the Liquibase script executed using GitLab CI Runner putting the command in .yml file. I am using Snowflake as my target DB. I am using 4.0.0 as the version installed in Runner.

It is little difficult to upgrade the version so continuing with it.

At the same time I am using 4.1.1 locally with Snowflake DB.

The problem I am facing, in Git Runner after having the first script executed successfully(when the command is also creating DATABASECHANGELOG table first time), when ever I am trying to any new script it is saying ‘Object ‘DATABASECHANGELOG’ already exists.’

The same thing is working fine from my local.

I am not sure if this is problem with 4.0.0 and it is know bug or I am missing something.

It would be great if any one can help me in this regards.

Forgot to add, I have tried to get some details using debug option and it is saying that Liquibase is trying to create the DATABASECHANGELOG table again and the sql is failed because the table is already present.

Thanks in advance.

are you running liquibase update against a schema with same name in diff database of same snowflake account .

Thanks Shailendra, yes, same account, different Database and different schemas in those Database…