Db change set log

I am not able to create liquibase tables to insert what we deployed in db . Please provide me document .

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Hi @kalyandrug

Please refer this link which explains how we can create a table using liquibase changeset.

You can also use raw SQL create table query with the <sql> tag inside changesets to get your table created.

Please give this a try and do let us know if you face any issues.

Rakhi Agrawal

HI Rakhi,

databasechangelog is going record only successfully deployments . I want to generate failed deployments and errors . Please help me how to do it


You are correct, only successful changesets are logged in the databasechangelog table. That is the intent of that table.

The output from a failed deployment is returned when you run a Liquibase command. Your calling program would need to save that output.

+1 @daryldoak Agree with the response.

@kalyandrug , databasechangelog table will rescord the successfully deployed changes to your database. For failed ones, when you will run expected liquibae update command, it will return you the errors which you will need to save by writing it to some file or any other way you want.

Please let us know if you are looking for something else.

Rakhi Agrawal